In Yamagata prefecture, the district facing the Sea of Japan is called “Shonai”. In the Edo period, Tsuruoka city was a castle town of the Shonai clan. The center of Tsuruoka city is home to Tsuruoka Park, the remains of the castle, and other many historical buildings. It also has a traditional entertainment “Kurokawa Noh” theater with more than 500 years of history and another traditional industry, “Silk fabrics”.

Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan and Mt. Yudono – together called “Dewasanzan” – have played a major role in the devotion to mountains for over 1400 years. Still today many tourists visit here for sightseeing.

You can enjoy 4 different types of hot springs, famous crops and fresh
foods like Shonai rice, Dadacha beans and oysters in every season.