○Information about transportation from Yamagata to Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka and Niigata.


http://www.pref.yamagata.jp/ou/somu/020054/transportation.pdf (PDF、52kB)

○2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake Weather, Earthquake and Tsunami information portal

This is the summarized English portal site of affected area’s weather, earthquake and tsunami information.

(日本語ポータル、日语信息网、Japanese portal site、일본어 안내 사이트)

(英語ポータル、English portal site、英语信息网、영어 안내 사이트)

○Information about the well-being of disaster victims.

Red Cross FamilyLinks website

FamilyLinks is a website run by the International Committee of the Red Cross. It is a free website for confirming the safety of friends and loved ones following the earthquake on March 11, 2011. You can register and use this site to find missing persons or tell someone that you or other victims are in safe. The site is available in several languages, such as Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.


The Center for Multilingual and Multicultural Education and Research is now providing multilingual information for victims of Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and basic information about radiation exposure.


○Multilingual radio program information



http://www.tcc117.org/fmyy/110312/20110312_soundwaves.mp3 (English)